The Soccer Scientist

About The Soccer Scientist

Our soccer guy is a mad Irishman who has well over 20 years full time experience as a capper. He specializes in the top European Leagues, in particular the EPL and English Championship.

He has a totally unique betting style in that most of his picks are parlays ranging from 2 to 6 legs. Despite this his parlay strike rate is a remarkable 61.2% with an even more impressive POT (ROI) of 63%. The secret to his ongoing profit aside from the picks themselves is his staking system which effectively maximises returns while mitigating losses.

During his proofing period with BB US he was only tipping 1-2 times per week, due to commitments to other clients, however now we have launched he will be providing tips at least 4 times per week without compromising on his methods or your returns.

Even if you aren’t a soccer fan you really should jump on board, your bankroll will thank you for it later!

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