The Hockey Hustler

About The Hockey Hustler

Our hockey capper is a Canadian based lifelong fanatic who turned his passion into profit back in 2016 when he went full time as a capping professional. His approach is simple but enormously effective, he focuses on just one game per day that he is most confident on and goes hard on that pick.

This has brought him consistent success averaging $984.25 per month based on $100 stakes and with a very healthy 13.2% ROI, try getting that from your bank!

He visits leagues all over the world, however when the NHL is back in full swing he will be devoting most of his time and dedication to that. Averaging a healthy +150 on his tips he really is the solid choice if you are a fan of all things hockey.

Growth Graph

tipper's growth_graph

Please note all stats are based off $100 unit size