The Basketball Freak

About The Basketball Freak

Steve aka ‘the Freak’ definitely lives up to his nickname. In all our years of being involved in this industry we have never come across anyone more dedicated to his craft.

The man eats, sleeps and breathes basketball 24/7 365, conservatively putting in 80 hours of study analysing and re-analysing everything from team selection to match ups to every conceivable statistic before he commits to a pick.

That dedication has allowed him to quit his job (ironically as an analyst) to become a full time basketball bettor.

Honestly what this guy doesn’t know about basketball isn’t worth knowing and he is sharing that encyclopedic knowledge with you lucky lucky people! He averages around 115 bets per month and since he joined our team in November hasn’t even come close to a losing month.

If you love your basketball and want to see your bankroll grow steadily week to week, month to month, year to year ‘THE FREAK’ is the capper for you!

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