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At all times Bookie Beater strives to provide our members the most profitable tips and bankroll management advice provided with the best tippers around the globe. Is that you?

How to join the Bookie Beater Team

Do you think you are the best tipper out there? Want to join the Bookie Beater team?

Before You Become a Public Tipper, we require the following:

6 Months of Proofing

Once we receive your application we will contact you to begin a proofing period for a minimum of 6 months. During that period we will track your results including your return on investment, strike rate, overall profit and betting style for your preferred sport or racing.

Join the team

After the 6 months of proofing period has lapsed, we will review your results and will discuss you joining the team at Bookie Beater. We will discuss remuneration including incentives and all the benefits that come with being on the number 1 tipping team in Australia.

Continue to win & earn

After you pass the proofing period and officially join the team, you will continue to provide your winning tips and enjoy the benefits and extra money into your bank account every month.

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