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Saving the US Tipping Industry from Itself

The current US sports capping industry is a disgrace, there we said it. Don’t get us wrong, we (f**king) love America.

We love your freedom

We love how you celebrate and embrace success

We love your undying will to win

But most of all we love your sports…

That’s why you DESERVE so much better from your paid sports cappers..

Currently, the industry is overflowing with self proclaimed experts that advertise an aspirational lifestyle that hasn’t been paid for by their results but by the hard earned cash of their subscriber base. They rely entirely on flashy insta ads and cash giveaways to hoodwink unsuspecting sports fans into thinking they can get rich quick. They don’t care if you win or lose, because either way they win.

Few of them analyze their performance or publish their results, even fewer back themselves in. Their attrition rates are sky high but sure they don’t care, there’s plenty more rookie gamblers to replace all those lost customers…In short they are no better than the snake oil salesmen of the Wild West.

The comparisons with the Wild West don’t end there. Since May 2018 when the Supreme Court overturned the ban under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was unconstitutional, we have seen the exponential growth of a totally unregulated sports tipping industry. The rewards for the first movers have been huge, so it’s little wonder it has attracted any number of opportunists.

We at BB – US are here to bring these opportunists to account.

Hey, I appreciate that all sounds like so many words, but believe us when we say we will be backing that shit up with action…which leads us into who we are and how we are going to save the industry from itself.

Just to give you some context, the global sports betting industry was worth $124.31bn in 2019 representing 70% of the TOTAL GLOBAL GAMBLING REVENUE. The industry is forecast to surpass $150bn USD by 2024, that’s a growth of around 9% per annum (source Zion market research)

The majority of that growth can be attributed to the opening up of the US sports betting market, which is by far the fastest growing sports betting market in the world, growing by around $10bn per annum.

That huge growth creates huge opportunities for those with the skills to reframe sports betting as a highly lucrative investment producing some truly eye watering revenues of their own…and that’s where we come in.

All of the founding members of BB US are ex-industry insiders with a combined 50+ years of collective experience in the global betting industry. I personally have made my living from sports capping for over 20 years now. We are already operating highly successfully in overseas markets, building teams of professional sports tipping experts and generating massive returns on investments for our private clients well in excess of any hedge fund or brokerage.

Last year for example OUR TEAM MADE AN AVERAGE ROI OF 27.5% ACROSS THE BOARD FROM SPORTS BETTING WITH OUR TOP SPORTS BETTING ANALYST MAKING 66%….. For a little more insight into how we achieved those results watch our Sports Betting as an Investment video…

America was always the market we were waiting for, the greatest country with the greatest sports and the finest tipping talent in the world is right here and we are going to make that talent available to each and every one of you.

So how are we going to do that? Through our extensive network of contacts we have assembled the best pro talent in the US along with some incredible untapped up and comers. Every tipper has been proofed for at least 6 months and every result will be posted and analysed using standard financial metrics.

Best of all, YOU will have the chance to subscribe to the best performing tippers, not only betting on what they bet on but learning their bankroll management and betting strategies.

We have also made a commitment to donate a percentage of our profits to buy sports equipment and build facilities for the most disadvantaged children in the US. You will be able to follow these stories in the GIVING BACK section on our website.

What we are doing is nothing short of a sports betting revolution where everyone, except the sports-books, benefit. In the words of the Notorious ‘We aren’t here to take part, we’re here to take over!’