Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all your questions here and if you have any additional questions please visit the Contact Us page and send us a message direct today.

  • What is the best bookie to use?

    There is no one answer to that. Certain Sportsbooks specialise in certain sports or racing and they will all have offers for you to take advantage of at various times.

    We recommend you open 5 or 6 different accounts for a couple of reasons:

    1. You can benefit from their sign up and ongoing offers  
    2. You can spread your bets across them so you are less likely to get your account limited.

    We are all about making consistent profit over time…which the Bookies hate! By spreading your bets (say 5 x $20 bets rather than 1 x $100) you won’t get red flagged as easy!

  • Why are the odds different from the website and my current betting platform?

    The odds we specify are correct at the time of posting. Our team will generally try and highlight the sportsbook they have used for the odds.

    We recommend you have 5 or 6 accounts with different sportsbooks so you can take advantage of the best odds.

    Also, as soon as our tippers post their tips you will get an email notification and we recommend you place the bet as soon as possible.

  • Why should I use a tipping website instead of betting myself?

    Look, there is nothing stopping you from following your instincts and betting yourself but I would say this:

    All of our professional tippers are full time pros and have fully proofed, documented results which show consistent profit and a return on investment well into double figures.

    Engaging with our team is no different from using a stock broker or any other financial consultant. In fact, given our guys averaged over 27% ROI last year they provide a better return than the stock market or property or any standard investment you can think of.

    What’s even better is you get the chance to profit from your passion. Nothing better than watching the sports you love AND making money….

    But hey, if you are getting the type of returns our team are getting then not only do we suggest you do it yourself but send us your results and if they stack up over 6 months we may invite you to join the team!

  • Is every tip documented and transparent?

    Yes of course every one of our tips is fully documented and available on our site.

    If you click on OUR RESULTS you can request which results you would like to receive and our team will email you the full spreadsheet with every tip and result from 2022.

  • Do you offer money management?

    Absolutely. Any tipping service that is serious about what they do knows that HOW YOU BET is as important as WHAT YOU BET ON. It’s all about maximising profit and mitigating losses.

    If you are new to bankroll management we suggest you check out our BANKROLL MANAGEMENT blog on the Academy page.

    The tippers will provide staking advice for each and every tip as well as a full insight into why they made that tip.

  • How many tips can I expect on a day to day basis?

    The number of tips per day varies a lot depending on the day of the week and the time of the year and the subscription you buy. Typically Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have more tips on average in comparison to Monday to Thursday. Wednesday and Saturday tend to be the bigger days for racing tips.

  • Do you offer free trials for your VIP tips?

    Yes, everyone gets the opportunity to do a FREE 14 DAY VIP PASS and trial the service and receive for free all the sports and racing tips direct to their inbox or via the website. Simply fill out your details on the homepage and we will email you your code straight away.

  • What happens if I fail to gain profit during the duration of my subscription?

    In betting, as in life, there are no guarantees…

    That said we have been proofing all our tippers for at least 6 months with the majority having been with us for well over a year.

    All of the team have made strong, consistent profit during that time and you can view all their results for 2022 via the OUR RESULTS page and request which results you wish to receive. 

  • Should I be using more than one sportsbook to get the best lines?

    Yes, it is always recommended to shop for the best possible lines. Since the investment is a “marathon” idea every small variable in your favour will add up for a larger return.

  • How soon before game time are tips released?

    That depends on the tipper and when teams / fields are announced and so on. As a subscriber you will really get to know our tippers. You will soon get to learn their patterns but as a minimum they will try to get tips on the site at least 2 hours before the game or race starts.

    As soon as the tipper post their tips picks you will receive a notification and the tips via email so we recommend adding our email address into your favourites.

  • How much are your units worth? What is a unit?

    We suggest everyone starts with 100 units in your bankroll, so it doesn’t matter how much you are betting, the principle is the same.

    For instance if your bankroll is say $1000 then every unit is worth $1000 / 100 = $10.

    As you bankroll increases so does your unit size. We suggest you adjust your unit size at the end of each month.

  • How do I know this isn’t a scam?

    Given the nature of this unregulated industry, that’s a legitimate question and one that goes to the very reason we started this service in the first place.

    We are a fully registered business (Bookie Beater US Pty Ltd), registered with the ATO and our payment partners are Stripe. The cornerstones of our business are:

    Unrivalled customer service

    All our results are recorded and documented on the website itself (see “OUR RESULTS”).

    We have spent nearly 3 years assembling our team and proofing their results and ensuring that everything we do can be tracked by everyone, whether they are a subscriber or not.

    The FREE 14 DAY VIP PASS is a great place to start and enjoy the service for free.

  • How do you select your tips?

    All our tippers are professionals in their respective sports and spend many hours looking for the best implied odds based on their analysis. Despite what some less scrupulous tipping sites will tell you, there is no all-powerful algorithm that you simply follow and win with!

    Our success is down to the hard work, passion and skills of our tippers which have been developed over many years.

  • Can I get my money back if I am not happy?

    Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds.

  • Why is it so expensive when I can get free picks anytime on other websites?

    Have you ever heard the saying you get what you pay for? Our team get the results they do because they are the best at what they do.

    We have spent the last 3 years using our contacts and scouring the globe to find the best tippers in the industry.

    Also, you should look at it this way. Compare the cost of ANY subscription with the average monthly return, in every case you are making way more profit than the subscription cost.

    We are so confident of our service that if you find another service consistently making bigger profits we will give you a 14 DAY VIP subscription for FREE.

  • Can I see some winning slips?

    We don’t share slips but what we do is we document each and every tip and result which you can view via the OUR RESULTS section on the homepage.

  • If your tippers are so good why do they have to charge for their tips instead of just doing it themselves?

    We get asked this alot! Our team back themselves in and have multiple accounts.

    It is a constant battle to stop their accounts getting limited!

    Aside from that we as a team genuinely want as many ordinary bettors to bet on what we bet on, win on what we win and for us all to beat the bookie!

    The Sportsbooks make huge profits from their users, it’s time we fought back. Less than 12% of bettors make profit, question is do you want to be one of that 12%?

  • Do you have customer support?

    YES! We have a CONTACT US section on the website, we can also be contacted on social media via facebook & Instagram or you can also email

  • Do you have an app?

    Not yet, though one is in development, the site is fully mobile responsive, however.

  • How much money do I need to start?

    The amount you invest initially is irrelevant really. What is important is that you divide your bankroll into 100 units.

    Each pick will range from 0.5-5% or your bankroll and as your bankroll increases so should your unit size.

    For example if you have $5000 in your bankroll then every unit is worth $50.

  • What is a Multi / MoneyLine / Each Way etc.

    We have a full Sports betting glossary in our Academy blogs section which is FREE to view.

    If you have a specific question we are happy to walk you through it.