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E-Sports Betting Guide

Why E-Sports?

If you’re reluctant to explore the world of Esports betting that’s perfectly understandable, anyone who hasn’t casually sat down and played these games may struggle to comprehend how Call of Duty can be a job or how people can want to watch someone play Fifa when they own FIFA. The truth is, competitive CSGO events sell out stadiums. DOTA Majors have prize pools in excess of $20,000,000 dollars.. The esports industry is growing.. And it’s growing fast. Why? Well these games are perfectly designed to be balanced and have such a high skill ceiling that pro players put thousands of practice hours in to reach..

To be a successful team in any sport you need to have committed long hours into your craft. You need to be skillful, you need to have strategy and composure.. This is reflected in esports. The fact is esports are no different from regular sports. To put it simply…you can’t kick a ball like Ronaldo, or hit a three pointer like Curry. Chances are you can’t pop heads like S1mple or clutch like CadiaN. Esports athletes are most definitely athletes and should be respected as so. 


Counter Strike Global Offensive:

What is CSGO?


CSGO is a first-person shooter consisting of two five-man teams, the T’s (Terrorists)  and the CT’s (Counter-Terrorists). The match is split into thirty, two minute rounds where the T’s objective is to plant the bomb and the CT’s objective is to defuse the bomb. Half time occurs at 15 rounds during which the teams switch sides. The winning team must win by two rounds meaning a tie at full time will result in overtime. 

CSGO has a very unique dynamic of play in which each individual player has an economic balance. They must carefully sustain this balance by staying alive in order to compete throughout the match. This creates a momentum-based match where failing to build up a positive bank balance will result in your team executing a save round where no weapons, armour or utility are bought, ultimately allowing for a stronger buy the next round for the price of conceding a round.


Firepower is an essential factor in success in CSGO. The game’s core mechanics such as weapon inaccuracy and spray control make it an extremely unforgiving game, it is extremely rare that one player is able to take out the whole other team meaning teamwork and strategy come above all else. This has been proved in teams like Astralis, who aren’t necessarily mechanical gods, but revolutionized the game with their utility usage.

Anyone who has never played CSGO may think you just run around the map and shoot. But that’s far from the truth. Like traditional sports teams, your typical CSGO team has allocated positions, pre-game strategy, team roles, and good communication. All being dictated under the watchful eye of a coach in the comms. These are all necessary components of a successful csgo team due to the unforgiving nature of the game, the time to kill is so quick and these players have perfected the game to such a standard that a single miss-click will most likely cause your death. 


Why Bet CSGO?

I believe there are many aspects of CSGO which the Bookies are not clued up on. This of course presents betting opportunities which other sports do not present. These aspects will be noted below as I share popular lines to bet on.

I believe CSGO has some of the best opportunities for live betting out there. Thanks to the map design and team system It is not uncommon to see a team-leading by 8 rounds at the half lose the map. This momentum-based dynamic of CSGO allows for high odds inplay wins. This is because typically the maps which the players play on favor either the T side or the CT side and the bookies do not seem to consider this, for example, bet365’s halftime winner odds correlate with their full-time map odds. Even though they shouldn’t. 

CSGO also uses a Veto system to help incorporate all it’s maps into different series’. Teams facing one another begin by banning a map each before choosing a map each, leaving one left as the deciding map. This veto system creates much more interesting matches between teams due to teams not being able to play the same maps every time. 


Popular CSGO Markets


First Kills

The Most First Kills  lines are interesting as you’ll find certain pro teams allocate a player to look for entry frags alone.This is because player advantages allow for the execution of specific strategies and are a crucial aspect of winning.  The First Kill lines also seem to correlate with the money lines instead of the core roster’s fragging ability and allocated roles.


Kill Lines

The Kill Lines on Unibet and Pinnacle seem to correlate with the player’s form and past numbers. But never correlate with the rosters roles for the chosen maps. An example of this was during ESL where ‘Map 2’ kill prices for Gambit’s  Ax1le didn’t change despite the maps being chosen and Gambit choosing Vertigo, a map where Ax1le plays as lone anchor on B. 

Something to note on kill lines also is that I believe the kills offered are often too low for the player. For example Unibet offered Liquid’s FalleN to get 16 kills on Liquid map pick at odds of 2.00, a number of kills he could achieve with a less than average game. 


Round Handicaps

There are two types of round handicaps which you can place on a CSGO Match. Map Handicap which is a positive or negative round handicap placed on a team for the duration of an individual map. Also Alternative Round Handicap which is a positive or negative round handicap placed on a team for the duration of all maps played. The alternative round handicap provides a unique betting factor where a team can lose the match but a negative handicap placed on said team can still win. For example:


Bet is Team A -2.5 Alternative Round Handicap 

Map 1 – Team A 16 – 5 Team B

Map 2 – Team A 14 – 16 Team B

Map 3 – Team A 13 – 16 Team B


Final Map Score: Team A 1 – 2 Team B

Final Round Score: Team A 43 – 37 Team B


Team B wins the match as the winner is decided by map points, but Team A wins on round score therefore the bet wins. 

It is common to place a -2.5 Rounds bet on your desired winner instead of placing them to win in both the alternative round handicap markets and map markets. This is because a team must win by two points to secure a map and placing this handicap would mean there is only a one round difference between the handicap bet and a map win bet. Though if you choose to do this you better hope you don’t see a 16-14. 


How Can I Watch CSGO? serves as a great hub for all CSGO information. From match schedules to betting odds to highlights. A click onto the match you wish to watch will provide a list of twitch streams of different languages.