Now let’s look at the basic rules and strategies to stack the odds in your favour….

There are 6 basic rules you should always be mindful of before you bet, these should be etched in stone in your head like a metaphorical Mount Rushmore!

1. Bet with Your Head & Not Your Heart

Seems logical and pretty damn obvious doesn’t it? Unfortunately, sports & racing plus logic are uneasy bedfellows. Some expert tippers go as far as to say never bet on your own team but we don’t agree. Whether it’s your team or any other, apply the exact same principles.

The head vs heart is another conflict that the bookies take advantage of. A classic example of this that our UK team have seen first-hand is the English Soccer team.

Before EVERY major soccer tournament the English press hype up the national team’s chances of winning, ignoring the fact that they haven’t won a major trophy since 1966 and they bottle penalty shoot outs every time! The sportsbooks capitalize on this offering odds WAY below those offered on England in other countries and the faithful patriotic sheep duly oblige with HUGE amounts of their hard earned being thrown at the grateful sportsbooks.

2. Never Place a Rushed Bet

Many of you will have been there, you jump on the next available bet after a big win or a big loss. There is ample evidence to show that people make more ludicrous bets when they’re in an emotional state, either upset or happy. If you’re so happy about your big win, don’t rush over to the bookie and place a large bet on the next game or race. Give yourself some time, at least a few hours (maybe even a day or two) to make a rational, measured decision.

3. Never Trust an Offer or Promotion

This relates back to our 7 Secrets the Sportsbooks don’t want you to know. As we said before, if a bookmaker is heavily pushing an offer it is because they want you to take advantage of it. These are typically the bets with the biggest vig (profit margin) and therefore the ones that bring in the most profit for the bookie. It may look attractive on paper but they have done it for a reason and that reason isn’t charity!

4. Avoid Multi Bets where possible

We should qualify this, by all means throw on the odd “safe” or “hail mary” multi but stake according to the likelihood of success. This leads us neatly into our next rule which is a whole topic in itself and one which we will explore in a separate blog.

5. Employ a Bankroll Management Strategy and Stick to It

As we have said this is one of, if not the most critical element that separates the winners from the losers, yet strangely it is one that most gamblers overlook or ignore altogether.

In simple terms how you bet is as important as what you bet on. An effective bankroll management strategy takes all of the unwanted emotion out of betting and coupled with the right expert advice will see you win and win consistently.

Abandoning your bankroll management strategy is the equivalent of a poker player ignoring his stack and going on tilt and we all know where that ends…

6. Seek EXPERT Advice

Over our many years of successful investment in racing and sports betting it has never ceased to amaze us at how few people will seek expert advice when it comes to their betting. These same people would never dream of representing themselves in court, or self-medicating without consulting their doctor or even buying a car without researching online.

The problem has been compounded by social media. I am sure many of you have been on FREE Facebook or Insta tipping pages, be honest, how has that worked out for you??

These pages invariably push the opinion that you should never pay for tips and that the ‘so called’ experts don’t know any better than you do. They allow any and every member of their pages to post their tips with absolutely no vetting whatsoever. In truth they are no better, in fact they are many times worse than the old ‘heard it from a buddy’ hot tip.

Unfortunately the case for the experts hasn’t been helped by the fact that the online tipping industry is somewhat unregulated and is literally awash with self-proclaimed experts. You know the ones, they claim to utilise analytics, charge you a hefty sum for the privilege and yet steadfastly refuse to publish ANY RESULTS.

While in the process of setting up Bookie Beater we have approached EVERY SINGLE ONE of the main players AND NOT ONE provided us with a record of their results…that in itself tells you all you need to know about their expertise.
This is where we at Bookie Beater come in. Unlike most other racing and sports tippers in the country, we will track and publish every bet our tippers make, their profit, their return on investment and best of all….

YOU will have the chance to bet on what they bet on and win what they win. You’ll also learn their betting and bankroll management strategies to understand the science behind being one of the 8% that actually make a profit from racing and sports betting.

As THE INVESTOR mentioned in our Sports Betting as an Investment blog, last year we made an ROI of 27.5% from our tipping team in the Australian market across the board with our top sports tipper landing 66%.