Hey sports and racing fans it’s the team from Bookie Beater here, long time gamblers, now sports & racing betting investors. We are going to take you through some of the secrets to successful gambling that the Bookies don’t want you to know about…and how to beat them at their own game…

The most important thing to remember before we go any further is THE BOOKIE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

Most sports bettors never think about the business beyond picking teams or horses they think will win and placing bets. But if you learn how the book makers work, it can help you find better wagering opportunities.

In this list of 7 devious secrets the bookies don’t want you to know, you’re going to learn how and why they set lines, how they lock in profits, why they love proposition bets (like overs / unders) and multi bets (and why you shouldn’t), and many ways to help you place more profitable wagers.

The bottom line is that the book makers are businesses and everything they do is designed to create more profit. Your goal is also to make a profit, so this puts you and the sportsbooks in opposition.

You might think this means that when you win they lose, but if they run their business the right way, they win no matter what you do. This can be good and bad, but it explains why most sports bettors lose in the long run and why well-run book makers always make a profit.

1. Avoid Multis

Have you noticed how bookies actively encourage users to place accumulator bets or same game multi bets?

Most bookmakers now have promotions that give you an extra 10%, 20%, 30% or up to 100% bonus on your winnings if you win a multi bet. Or there are those bookmakers that will refund your bet if one of your selections loses… so long as you back 4 or more selections?

There is a simple reason why they actively encourage this! This is where they make the majority of their revenue! The more lines you add to your slip the more likely it is your bet will fail.

When speaking to professional gamblers the one thing that always comes out is that they back single bets 90% of the time, doubles 5% of the time and trebles 3% of the time. Only 2% of their bets will be accumulators, why? Because they are too risky.

2. Account Limits are Arbitrary

Did you know that when you are winning, bookmakers will limit your account so that you can only put a certain amount on some bets? Usually a very small amount.

We have witnessed this first hand. After a profitable first couple of weeks using their website we started to notice that they were rejecting our bets… On further investigation, we actually found they were restricting the amount we could stake on our bets.

Needless to say, we soon stopped using them…Which is exactly what they wanted us to do. By limiting our account they knew we would eventually give up and avoids them having to actively ban us from their site.

This is why most professional or profitable gamblers won’t be using traditional betting sites because they will have been banned. We’ve been banned from no less than 5 sportsbooks, there’s always ways to get a bet on but it’s very frustrating and time consuming.

3. J is for Juice

It is also called the “cut,” or “take.” or “vig”. With the juice, a sportsbook or bookie is assured of making money on a bet.

If you sum up the total percentage probability of the odds offered by a bookmaker, you will often find that they add up to over 100%, up to 110%.

As you will likely have worked out by now, that does not sound right… This extra 6% is the bookmaker’s profit margin on that market. So for every $100 they pay out to winners, they make $110 themselves.

In order to get yourself the best odds on your bet, you should look to find the bookmakers with the lowest overround. Or use markets such as Asian handicaps which tend to have 2 rather than 3 outcomes which tend to limit the bookies overround.

4. Big Brother is Watching You

When you are on a bookmakers website they are tracking you!

They will use your data such as your IP address to decide whether or not you have more than one account with them or to find out if you bet with another bookmaker and have been banned/limited on that other bookmaker’s website.

They also use things like cookies to track what you do to ensure they can limit or block your account if required.

I have also heard of bookmakers using your IP address to work out where you are to see if you fit into certain criteria to market to you in particular ways, for example, if you are in Sydney they may think you have more money than users in other areas and offer you more attractive offers to lure you in as they believe you have more money to lose.

I would suggest you regularly clear your cookies from these sites, use a VPN and keep this in mind when you are making a profit from your betting as they will likely share this information with other bookmakers to have your betting accounts limited.

5. Bogus Bets that Benefit the Bookies

This one should be fairly obvious but many people still fall for this.

If a bookmaker is heavily pushing an offer it is because they want you to take advantage of it. These are typically the bets with the biggest juice and therefore the ones that bring in the most profit for them.


6. Bookies are a Band of Bandit Brothers

Contrary to popular belief, the bookies really aren’t in competition with one another. Their customer retention rates are incredibly low because they know the same punters will do the rounds of free bonus bets and eventually come back to them….

Their common interest is to find out about users that are winning big on competitor websites or to find out whether their users are linked in some way to users on other sites that are performing well.

This is why you may find that after having a winning streak on one bookmaker that leads you to getting your account closed, you may find it difficult to open an account with another bookmaker as they have been alerted to your profitability.

7. The Rookie Rewards

Do you like the occasional weekend multi and a bit of inplay action every now and then?
Are you new to gambling and learning the hard way?

Then you are exactly the sort of punter that the bookies are trying to attract as you are classed in their most profitable segment of users.

The bookies will throw all manner of bonus bets and promotions at you because they know that unless you have a betting and bankroll management strategy and the advice of experts you will give it all back and much much more….