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Learn more about the Bookie Beater team, what we do and how we have the most profitable Sports and Racing Tippers around the globe.

Learn how our team can help you profit from your passion!

So three years ago, we set out to build a highly successful sports and racing tipping service to give every hobby punter the same opportunity. The first order of business: get the best tippers on our team.

We at Bookie Beater were once hobby punters…until we realised that there’s a massive opportunity to make a consistent profit from what we love doing — betting on Sports and Racing.

Fast forward to 2022, after months of fine tuning our processes, proofing 100’s of tippers and ultimately recruiting the best team of tippers in the world, we officially launched Bookie Beater.

What sets Bookie Beater apart from others tipping services is that we value transparency by providing you the most honest and trustworthy source of tips and betting advice in Australia. In addition to that, we took extreme pride in our rigorous vetting process for our tippers to ensure that every tip you receive is provided by a qualified expert with a proven track record in the field.

As a Bookie Beater member you will not only get exclusive access to our tippers’ selections but their analysis and bankroll management advice. You will get the opportunity to bet on WHAT they bet on, to learn HOW they bet on it and more importantly to WIN what they win. What we are giving you here is an opportunity to profit from your passion without depending on your luck alone.

What’s more important, EVERY result from EVERY tip from EVERY tipper is available to view and download from our website whether you are a member or not. Our business is quite simply a 100% fully transparent, fully vetted sports investment website that everyone has the chance to profit from.

Bookie Beater makes it fun and easy for you to profit from your passion.

To learn more about who we are, what we do and why we are the best, watch our short video below.



Learn how Bookie Beater was created and how we have found the best Sports & Racing tippers around the globe PLUS more importantly how YOU can get all their tips today for FREE and start to profit from your passion.